About Us

Hunters-Rock Safaris traveled a long road since it’s establishment 8 years ago. Having weathered many storms,
the Company is now stronger than ever! The Company is owned by Elmarie Minnaar and is truly one of a kind

Growing up in the South African Bushveld on her families private game ranch, her knowledge
of the africa culture and travel requirements enables her and her team to plan the most
exciting, exclusive and personal safaris.

The quality of Hunters-Rock Safaris’ service and the hunting experiences they offer has proven to
be beyond compare to others

Elmarie and her staff are dedicated to you and will endeavor to create the most spectacular and
personalized hunting and photographic safaris in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana,
Mozambique, Tanzania and Namibia (which we recently included) you will never imagine.
Combining your request with our experience to ensure an awe-inspiring visit to our Land of the Rising Sun.

We can assist your equipment requirements and our travel agents can handle your airline
reservations as well as any necessary travel documentation

The Hunters-Rock Safaris team can provide you our valued customer with the finest hunts,
trackers and camp staff of its kind in the African continent. Hunters-Rock Safaris professional hunters,
guides and skinners excel in the services and its a passion for them as for everyone at Hunters-Rock Safaris.

You are the seeker after adventure; we are the provider in satisfaction.