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The best way to experience Africa and to have a safari experience of a lifetime

relaxing experience

We had a great time at Hunters Rock Safaris and the staff made our stay absolutely enjoyable.
We would definitely return next year

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Please feel free to phone these satisfied clients that has visited us and listen to what they have to
say about Hunters-Rock lodge.

Name Country Telephone
Dave Tallman USA  412-901-9720
Barry Littlewood USA 908-725-9000
Vulgens Schoen USA 908-835-0850
Rodger Whiffen USA 908-835-8177
Jack Thomas USA 610-258-3617
Tom Lewis USA 610-543-7165
Ed Kurdes USA 732-291-0145
Frode Larsen Norway 47-739-00750
Charlie Lavik Norway 47-724-44554
Mike Irvin USA 724-627-6789
Joe Russo USA 516-799-3964
Bob Orie USA 724-457-1825
Genaro Gonzalez Jr. Mexico 52-818-287-6139
Rudy Marmelo USA 610-390-7436
Mark Antonis USA 610-392-3511
Sam Cobb USA 512-306-8333
Bill Pennell USA 512-426-2323
Chris McCartney USA 724-693-8292
Greg Simoneau Canada 1-306-889-20261
Don Headings USA 501-595-2018
John Lott USA 717-677-8109
Gail Dunkelberger USA 570-424-0989
Bill Thompson USA 606-678-9211
Mark Hackbarth USA 406-763-5551
Bill Marciniak USA 732-588-0392
Albert Lambertucci USA 732-650-9066
Frank Bloom USA 615-742-3825
Mike Kurdes USA 732-450-0636
Jerry Scolari USA 775-827-5808
Karl Clinard USA 606-679-8436
Colin Grant Australia 613-9609-2152
Bob Holdsworth USA 610-486-6102
Joe Ciampaglia USA 610-656-3418
Gaspare Buscaglia USA 516-799-1871
Dawid Easom USA 704-677-3877
Whitt Honeycutt USA 910-200-9174
Ron Braun USA 908-362-6409
Roy D. Allen USA 724-251-4497
Charles D. Beck USA 406-539-0918
Russel Bailor USA 570-722-5799
JD Gore USA 541-918-7342